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Welcome to Jen Daily! A daily communities is a community in which daily pictures and news of a certain person is posted well daily. In this case, Jennifer Garner pictures and news will be posted daily.

All members have posting access for the time being however if the rules are not followed that may change but let's just leave it as all member's can post for the time being.


1. Please post all pictures under a LJ cut, unless they are smaller than 200x200. If you don't know what a LJ cut is, or how to do one, click Here.

2. This won't be an issue until January (damn abc!), but please if you're posting any screencaps from episodes from the new episodes of Alias, they must be under a cut and labeled as Alias screencaps from a new episode. Please make sure you do this for at least 2 days after Alias has aired in the US, and if the episode has aired in Canada before the US like during S1, this must be done as to not spoil people who live in the US.

This is just so the international members of the community will not be spoiled for s4 of Alias.

3. Please don't direct link a picture from other people's servers unless you have permission. That wastes the site's bandwidth and will cost the person running the site more money! Instead either upload the pictures to your own server or use a Photobucket account.

5. All images from my Jen site Jennifer Garner Fan may be direct linked.

4. This is a picture posting community. Please refrain from advertising other TV shows, communities, or posting just to say how hot Jennifer Garner is but to post pictures of Jennifer Garner. If you want to pimp your community or something, please put it in a post with a picture! And please pimp only stuff that's actually related to Jennifer Garner!

All rules based loosely upon the Adam Daily Community.