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[1-4] Alias
[5] Fringe
[6-21] How I Met Your Mother (cast + various episodes)
[22-33] Lost (cast + text-only)
[34] Star Trek
[35-39] Supernatural
[40-88] True Blood (cast + various episodes)
[89-105] Whedonverse (Dollhouse + Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog)

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[hp] just the 3 of us
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14 Jen Garner
7 Sophia Bush
42 Gilmore Girls + related (alexis bledel, lauren graham)
9 BH 90210
7 Hilarie Burton
17 Scarlett Johansson
16 Natalie Portman
10 Penelope Cruz
6 Evangeline Lilly

8 Friends Only Banners


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